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Transportation Services

Best Transportation Services in Melbourne

Moving cargo across the terrain

Want to get something across the vast landscape of Australia? Worried about how to do it and if your goods would survive the trip across the desert and mountains? What if we had the answer to all your needs?

Furniture Transportation services beyond all expectations

We have the perfect solution for you in the form of a fleet of truck and truckers who can take your goods across any landscape without any damage. This is the assurance of KD Movers and Transport. We have been standing by this aim and will continue to do so.

Transportation assistance for your convenience

Our trucks are maintained in their prime and are capable of handling any kind of goods. Our team in Melbourne is very experienced and consists of dedicated truckers who assist in this move and will take your cargo to any destination across the country, without an incident, safe and sound.

Freight Services

Do you want to move well for your company? Is it perishable or non-perishable? Is it heavy and large or delicate items in a large quantity? Is it just between cities or between states? We, KD Movers & Transport, will transport any kind of goods to anywhere in Australia.

Distribution Services

You have a wholesale business of goods but have no means of getting it to the traders? Or perhaps you are a farmer looking to get his goods to the markets? Or a small-scale supplier wanting to get his goods to the store? All you need is a fleet of vehicles which will get your goods to the traders selling them.

Warehouse Services

You got the goods but no place to store it? Or you have got your goods across the country but need to keep them safe till you can market them? We, KD Movers and Transport, will help you keep your goods safe till you can retrieve them.

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