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Relocations made easy

KD Movers and Transport has many kinds of services that are provided for persons wanting to shift their business of place of residence between cities.

  • Packing Services: Help you pack your furniture and belongings safely.
  • Unpacking Services: Help you unpack and set up after your big move
  • Office Relocation Services: Specialised services to move your office belongings between locations
  • Home Relocation Services: Moving your personal belongings between locations
  • Corporate Services: Specialised services to move hardware, software, sensitive data and furniture related to your business
  • Dismantling Services: Dismantling large equipment and furniture to make the move easy
  • Reassembling Services: Reassembling the equipment and furniture once the move is done.

It is our endeavour to provide all services which can make your relocation easy and comfortable. Do give us a call, and help us help you.

Melbourne Removalists

Want to move to Melbourne or out of it? But do not want to deal with the hassle of packing, unpacking and organising the move? Give KD Movers and Transport a call. We will help you every step of the way.

Geelong Removalists

Geelong is a city on the sowthwest of Melbourne and a city where we extend our services too. We understand the trouble you need to undertake when moving goods from one city to another. Be it moving your home goods or moving goods of your business, each has a separate need and requirement.

Packing Services

Moving location is a taxing business. From the biggest piece of furniture to the smallest piece of curio, every piece needs to be packaged with care, each according to its necessity. We understand the value of the objects in your place of residence and work and what they mean to you.

Unpacking Services

If packing up your house or office and moving to a new place is difficult, so is also the process of unpacking and setting up the same at a new place. This can even be a daunting process. To help make this process of unpacking and setting up a new place easier, our team for unpacking services is at hand to help you.

Office Relocation Services

A place of work harbours so many secrets which cannot be lost for the fear of loss of business. This sensitive business-related information is to be preserved when moving locations. Its not just the furniture and the physical files that need to be preserved but also the virtual information.

Home Relocation Services

You have spent so much love converting a house into a home for your family. The furniture has been chosen for their comfort, the knick-knacks display their achievements and the photos hold the memories of the years gone by. When you must shift your home from one place to another, we know the apprehension your face.

Corporate Relocation Services

Moving from location to location is not an easy business. And it is more so cumbersome to move a corporate set up! Why? The files and the information are so much more important than the furniture and the fixtures. These need to be handled with care and precision so that nothing is destroyed during the shifting process.

Dismantling Services

Moving homes and dazed by the prospect of packing up all your belongings. How do you pack those precious curios collected so painstakingly? Or your china passed down from generations? Or the big television and all the wall art? How do you get your precious stuff from one city to another safely?

Reassembling Services

You have moved cities and found your new abode. Are you now overwhelmed with the thought of setting up all the furniture and fixtures again? Do not fret. We are here to help you set up your home or office, and make it look just like before.

Transportation Services

Want to get something across the vast landscape of Australia? Worried about how to do it and if your goods would survive the trip across the desert and mountains? What if we had the answer to all your needs?

Furniture Removalists

Looking for expert Furniture Removalists in Melbourne? Contact us and give us the chance to serve you. We assure you that your furniture will be relocated to your new place in no time.

For any queries, feel free to contact us!

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